Consulting and support services are important for delivering high quality projects. We employ our knowledge and experience to bring you results with more efficiency and with better quality

Project management

Your ICT projects need to be properly managed by experienced project managers in order to succeed. Our projects are regularly delivered in scope, time and with the highest quality

ICT system design

Nowadays, ICT projects are typically complex since they include hardware, connectivity, cloud and software. It's important to provide a well thought of plan, design and make the end-to-end architecture of the solution

Planning and documentation

Documentation is an important aspect of every complex project and our clients love the way we do documentation. We provide ideation projects, technical documentation and as-built documentation


We are very passionate about educating about all the benefits and possibilities of connectivity, IoT and 5G solutions. You can have operation and maintenance education for end-users of our systems

ICT engineering

Engineering of ICT solutions is done by configuring the equipment, seting up the connectivity, configuring servers and clients, developing and operating the software


Proper commissioning is very important therefore we provide commissioning procedures, check lists, records and do the commissioning of your ICT solutions


It is needed to use secure hardware and to always setup the network with proper authentication, encryption and protection and also to use proper protocols and procedures for safely using ICT systems

Cloud services

Best practices suggest using the cloud infrastructure and apps in the cloud, but you can have the on-premise solution even for the most demanding ICT applications

ICT Marketing and Sales

We are quite experienced digital marketers and also quite experienced in selling ICT solutions. You can market yourself and be better at selling our own or any other solution.

App development

According to the customer demands it is possible to use off-the shelf Apps and we also use ICT/IoT platforms and low-code platforms, however we can also make custom apps, APIs or plugins according to the project requirements


Apart from support during the complete project phase you can have maintenance for both the hardware, connectivity or the end-user apps


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A New Breed of AI

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Analytics Business

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